Larel Acne Stop Set

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Say Goodbye to Acne!

Larel Acne Stop Set: Targeted antibacterial formula for clear, healthy skin. Combat acne effectively

Active ingredients :
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Green Tea Glycol
  • Allantoin
  • Aloe Extract
  • Zinc-PCA
    Products Set:
100 ml & 30 ml

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  • Reduces Acne from skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated & moisturized
  • Solves Inflammation from skin
  • Reduces the irritation of skin

Larel Acne Stop Set is your ally in the fight against blemishes. Crafted with potent antibacterial properties, this set delves deep to target acne at its root. By curbing excess oil, taming inflammation, and promoting skin equilibrium, it revitalizes your complexion. Gentle yet effective, it aids in preventing breakouts while providing nourishment. Incorporate Larel Acne Stop set into your skincare regimen and unveil clearer, healthier skin. Reclaim your confidence and revel in a smoother, more radiant appearance with this specialized solution.

Infused with robust antibacterial agents, this set dives deep to combat acne at its core. By managing excess oil, diminishing inflammation, and fostering skin balance, it rejuvenates your visage. Its gentle formula ensures effective cleansing without compromising on hydration. The set not only helps thwart breakouts but also nurtures your skin's vitality. Make Larel Acne Stop set a pivotal part of your skincare ritual to unlock a fresher, more confident complexion. Experience the transformation as you bid farewell to imperfections and greet a smoother, luminous appearance with this specialized set.

First Clean your face with Larel Acne Stop Antibacterial Anti-Acne Creamy Gel and Wash properly.

Apply Larel Acne Stop Antibacterial Anti-Acne Cream Twice a day as in the morning & in the Evening.

Take the proper amount of the cream and then massage onto the face.

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